Lash Relonge Reviews – Does Lash Relonge Really Work?

There are many beauty products available on the market today, selecting the ones that are truly beneficial is never an easy task. Eyelash enhancement is one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry, with many companies that are launching products for eyelash enhancement which promise to leave you with the long, lush lashes that you have always wanted.


For these products like eyelash enhancer no prescription required to get it, and because it’s free of the harmful ingredients some of its top competitors rely on it and promises to give you the look of longer, more beautiful lashes without any risk whatsoever for side effects.

Product description:

Lash Relonge is manufactured by Beaute de Paris; and it claims to give fuller, beautiful and longer lashes. Natural elements in this product make it safe and do not cause any side effects. The product has been clinically tested. It has usual ingredients that are found in most of eyelash enhancer products. Hyaluronic acid, biotin, pumpkin seeds, Provitamin B5 are said to promote eyelash growth.

Lash Relonge designed to be non-irritating to sensitive eyes and it helps for increasing the appearance of eyelash length and the look of fuller eyelashes. You should begin to notice the appearance of longer eyelashes in 4-6 weeks if used daily.


The natural formula of Lash Relonge will result into short, sparse and stubby lashes, creating a more defined and framed eye area. This eyelash enhancer also prevents eyelash loss through breakage and fall out, instantly making the lash line noticeably thicker and fuller.


Hyaluronic Acid – is one of nature’s most potent moisturizers. It makes lashes healthier, shinier, and stronger. It is also thought to stimulate blood vessels and promote hair growth.

Vitamin B5 – promotes lash flexibility and durability.

Biotin – strengthens and fortifies lashes against breakage.

Pumpkin Seed – is nourishes lashes to replenish volume.

Allantoin – soothes, calms, and protects the lash line.

How to use it?

Step 1:
Apply eyelash enhancer nightly before bed.
Step 2:
Apply a thin line of eyelash enhancer serum to upper lid at the eyelash root.
Step 3:
Notice appearance of fuller eyelashes, healthier looking eyelashes in 4-6 weeks.


  • Increases eyelash length
  • Improves the appearance of longer, fuller eyelashes
  • Lash Relonge has been clinically tested.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin also.
  • Before and after photos are given.
  • Website is user-friendly.


  • Customer testimonials are not provided.
  • All ingredients are not listed.
  • Lash Relonge is expensive.
  • Lash Relonge is not available in retail stores.

How it works?

As it is explained on the main product page, people were very surprised to see that Lash Relonge, from Beaute de Paris, can back up a lot of the claims. There are the clinical tests that were done to guarantee eye safety, low reaction for those with sensitive skin, and the results were quick.
What the makers of company discovered was that their product increases eyelash density by roughly 55% to 82% in only 4 weeks. Some of the clinical trials showed improvements in just two weeks! The formula uses some of the most effective ingredients for the promotion of lash growth and eyelash enhancement.

It would be helpful for people if manufacturer of Lash Relonge provided full details about the ingredients that are used in the Lash Relonge. However, this product is very expensive so many consumers would think twice before purchasing it. Although every eyelash enhancer product that is created is not as good as Lash Relonge then also this eyelash enhancer has some negative reviews too from users that used it.


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