TriLash Reviews – Does TriLash Really Work?

TriLash refers to an eyelash enhancer which can make lashes longer, thicker in just a few weeks. It is made by G Labs LLC.

shutterstock_3589196Product details of TriLash

The active ingredients present in TriLash help to work by extending the growth phase of the lashes. But the working of the product’s ingredients or their names, are not given on the site. The site does claim that TriLash is a safe product which and will not harm the eyes.

The site does have four sets of photos which show the clinical results achieved with TriLash. One case shows a dramatic 72% improvement over 42 days. The increase in density and length of lashes is clearly there. Another case shows a 26% improvement over the same time frame. The photographs are not so impressive, while the testimonials and objective user reviews are missing from the site.

Very little company info is available. A toll-free number is there, but there is no physical address of the company, which also makes the under eye cream TriSolum. It offers a 30-day money back guarantee besides free samples of TriLash.

Benefits of TriLash

  • There is a special offer
  • The product is non-irritating
  • Clinical results photos are available



TriLash Cons:

  • No information on ingredients
  • Little company info is there
  • Testimonials or user reviews are missing
  • Expensive, retails for almost $80
  • Can take 8 weeks for results to show


It is not very affordable at the regular price which is between $60 and $80 a tube. Currently, a two-week supply is available at just the cost of shipping, which is $4.95. It’s definitely worth a try in case TriLash actually works as is suggested on the site.


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