Smartlash Reviews – Does SmartLash Really Work?

SmartLash refers to an eyelash enhancement product. This is manufactured as well as sold by IQ Derma. This product is applied to the lashes in order to make them fuller and longer. It is also used to improve the fullness of brows.


Product Description of SmartLash

SmartLash makes the use of “VisiLash technology.” This way it is able to boost lash length as well as density besides improving the appearance of thin brows. There are no prostaglandins or parabens in SmartLash which can have any kind of potential side effect risks. The site also states that SmartLash is made with peptides, besides amino acids, as well as conditioning agents. But the fact remains that a full ingredient list is not provided. The manufacturer of this product is IQ Derma. This is a company selling dozens of beauty products which are able to address problems like acne, dry skin, besides wrinkles.

You will be impressed with the clinical findings for SmartLash as it is a 60-day consumer study, in which every participant was able to notice the increase in lash length, thickness, besides colour by the end of their testing period. In order to maintain these good results, SmartLash needs to be used indefinitely.


This is a secure ordering site. It also offers a free 30-day trial in which users need to pay just $4.95 as shipping and handling charges. In case the product is not returned back by the end of the trial period, only then will a charge of $98.50 be applied to the credit card of the user. Additional tubes will be sent after every 60 days and the charges applied to the credit card automatically.

Benefits of SmartLash

  • Clinical findings results are provided
  • The ordering site is secure
  • It is free of prostaglandin and parabens

Disadvantages of SmartLash

  • To maintain results, ongoing use is required
  • All the ingredients are not revealed
  • Once trial period is over, automatic billing happens


The consumer study of SmartLash has found 100% users noticing an increase in lash length and fullness after using it for 30 days. SmartLash is not very affordable for all and also requires ongoing use. This indicates that users need to determine in case they are willing to make this kind of financial investment in order to achieve as well as maintain results.


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