City Lash Reviews – Does City Lash Really Work?

shutterstock_118792414City lash is an eyelash growth product that works to give you beautiful and attractive eyelashes. Everyone is obsessed with the issue of short and sparse lashes that degrades the look of your eyes. Eyelashes contribute to enhance the look of your eyes and enrich the overall appearance of your face.

Enhancing your eyelashes with an eyelash enhancer product is hot and latest trend. These products contain natural ingredients that safely treat the problem of shorter lashes. Most of the products have been proven to increase the length of lashes.

City lash is an eyelash enhancer product containing organic ingredients that help to give you fuller lashes. This product is available over the counter and is safe for encouraging the growth of eyelashes naturally. City lips contain unique formula that stimulates and extends the natural lifecycle of lashes. It works better even on sensitive skin. This product is free of fragrance and not tested on animals. This article discusses regarding if city lips is effective eyelash growth enhancer.

Is it effective eyelash growth enhancer?

City lash is manufactured by City cosmetics which is known to develop cruelty free products to enrich the features of face. These products are safe on skin and have fewer side-effects. City lash is designed to treat the eyelash issue like shortness and sparseness. The shorter eyelashes are incapable to protect the eyes from debris or sweat. This could irritate your eyes and cause serious damage to your visibility. Considering enriching your lashes with an eyelash enhancer product is safer and effective method. City lash helps you to achieve longer and thicker eyelashes thereby enrich your beauty and also improves the functioning of your lashes.

Does it work to enrich your eyelashes?

City lash eyelash enhancer work to enrich your eyelashes and make them longer and darker. The ingredients have been clinically proven to enrich the lash line by increasing its length. City lash contains Myristoyl pentapeptide-17 which has been clinically proven to increase the lash line by 72%.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee; you can try it if you do not get significant result return the product.


Ingredient List:

Panthenol, water, glycosaminoglycans, disodium phosphate, milk proteins, linoleic acid, panthenyl ethyl ether, camellia sinensis leaf extract, hydrolyzed soy protein, hyaluronic acid, sodium chloride, tocopherol, boric acid, Triticum vulagre wheat germ oil, acetyl cysteine, inositol, sodium citrate, lactose, Disodium EDTA, alcohol denatured, Hexylene glycol, Chlorphenesin, Ethylhexylglycerin, sodium phosphate, acetyl methionine and xanthan gum.

How to use this product?

Apply this product twice a day after cleaning your eyes. Make sure you to dry the skin; apply a line on upper lash line. Allow it to dry you can use your normal eye makeup. Even though application of this product once a day is acceptable; this will delay best results. Do not apply it on the lower lashes.

What are the advantages?

  1. It increases the length of your lashes and makes them longer, thicker.
  2. It increases the lash strength and prevents them from breakage
  3. The vitamins and minerals work to give healthier and reflect in their appearance
  4. It is free from paraben and prostaglandin which causes permanent iris color changes and redness.
  5. Safe to use on eyebrows to increase thickness

Are there any side-effects?

No side-effects after using this product have been reported yet. You can use this product without altering the color of your iris or irritating your eyes.

Quick warp up on City Lash:

City lash help to grow longer, thicker and dramatic eyelashes within few weeks. You can read the city lash reviews form different sources to ensure that the product help you grow eyelashes naturally.


3 thoughts on “City Lash Reviews – Does City Lash Really Work?

  1. I naturally have very short and thin lashes…. I was going to get eyelash extensions in coming month but then a friend of mine suggested me to try City Lash. After about 3 week of continued use, my lashes were much thicker and fuller… I feel so much prettier now that I use it regularly, and save a ton of money from getting the fake lashes put on.

  2. I have used it for the last couple of months after using revitalash and getting great results.
    After using City Lash, however, my lashes reverted back to where they were before I used revitalash.
    City Lash did absolutely NOTHING, and it burned. I ended up going back to revitalash and using up the city lash on my eyebrows…

    Don’t buy it!

  3. I have been using City Lash for over 6 months now and cannot imagine going without it… I used to use Latisse before which was costing an arm and a leg so I started experimenting with non prescription products. So my answer to whether or not you should try it is- “Go for it girl!”

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