Lilash Or Rapidlash – Which Work Better?

Shorter eyelashes are concerning issue among people mostly women. While watching television we come across many individuals who have probably longer and beautiful eyelashes. The eyelash enhancers called Lilash and RapidLash is effective for enriching the health and look of your lashes. Although these are top rated products for enhancing the eyelashes, you’d better check out the ingredients, results and side-effects. Do little research before buying any of the eyelash enhancers to boost natural growth of your lashes.


These products were featured in the beauty channel as some of the best eyelash enhancers. Let us check out if these products work for providing you beautiful lashes that make you look attractive and glamorous. Here we compare which is better than the other: LiLash or RapidLash.

Lilash and RapidLash – The Most Famous Eyelash Enhancers:

Among all the eyelash enhancer products from different companies, Lilash and RapidLash are most famous for support lash growth. Both the brands are known to provide positive effects by providing your fuller eyelashes.
Both of them are leading eyelash enhancer products in the market as they help to achieve what they claim. When it comes to choose a single product, many people are in dilemma which one would work best for them. People starts considering the price of the product that helps treat the issue of shorter lashes. However, it is necessary to check out all parameters of lash growth serum before you opt for a specific one.


Eyelash Enhancers Origin:

Research can help you know about the origin of the lash enhancers. Most of the time you might have come across the fact; eyelash enhancers were discovered accidentally. Yes, the FDA had approved the use of prostaglandin in the drops that are used for treating glaucoma. Patients suffering from increased eye pressure and ocular hypertension were administered the prostaglandin for treatment. After few weeks these patients seem to have longer, thicker lashes. There were fewer side-effects for this medication and this paved way to develop the lash growth products.
The beauty companies began using this ingredient in their products and claimed to boost the length of their lashes. The dangerous side-effect of this ingredient forced the FDA to battle against the companies producing the lash growth serum using prostaglandin.

Both these over the counter products also contain prostaglandin in them. This is key ingredient that stimulates healthy growth of lash follicles and m=give you longer, thicker lashes.

Side Effects- The most common side effects of both products:

Presence of prostaglandin which is analogue can affect the vision of your eyes. Although this support in growing longer, fuller lashes, you should ensure to consult with a doctor before using this product.
Some of the most common side-effects caused from prostaglandin include redness of eyes. Some people experience dry eyes, pigmentation of iris and formation of dark circles. It has higher risk to blur your vision and also cause darkening of your eyelids. It could cause irritation and itchiness on the areas of your eyes.

Lilash vs. Rapidlash: Which is best to grow longer eyelashes?

These side effects might not show up with everyone; so there is no harm in trying these products for boosting the appearance of your lashes. If you get to notice any of the above mentioned side-effects, it is better to stop usage immediately and consult with your physician.

Lilash is an effective eyelash growth product that supports faster growth of lashes. It helps to thicken your eyelashes more than the thickness noticed after using RapidLash. You can see drastic results within weeks of using LiLash. On the other hand RapidLash takes longer than three weeks to provide noticeable results.

Customers who used the former product were more satisfies with the results than the latter product. This is more expensive than RapidLash which can be bought in economical rates. The former product has a 90 day money back guarantee; you can check the effectiveness and if you are not satisfied you’ll get refund.
Both can provoke same side-effects as they contain prostaglandin. With LiLash you can return the product if you do not get satisfied with the results. This does not go with RapidLash as it does not offer the option for refunding.

Both Work – But There Is A Risk:

After going through the comparison, it is concluded both the lash enhancing products work. Many people used these products and did not notice any adverse effects. It is better to consider the risk factor before you buy any of these eyelash enhancers. This will give you long, thicker and fuller eyelashes.



2 thoughts on “Lilash Or Rapidlash – Which Work Better?

  1. I have been using this product twice a day for the first three months and now I’m continuing with it once a day…Definitely let you know again after few days!!!!

  2. I almost started using this serum about 3 weeks ago… And now after 3 weeks I noticed that my lash lines are denser by the first week, and lashes appeared thicker and healthier…..Nice Product!!

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